Fairy Tale for a day – Tips on finding the Perfect Venue

Every event or celebration needs the perfect venue. Every fantastic event depends on the aesthetics, ambiance or “the vibe” of the locale. Finding the perfect venue is undeniably vital to the overall success of your event.


Finding the Perfect venue is not an easy job. It takes a lot of patience that even a seasoned event planner can find challenging. Here are tips that would help you find the Perfect Venue you need!


Find out the preferred dates of the Events


It is a must-have for every Event Manager to have a journal or a yearly planner. When planning for an event, it is imperative that you consult your calendar before finding a venue.


Do you have to adjust the date for the event so that you can book any venue you need, or do you have to adjust your venue choice in order to have it on the day you want?


Understand the Nature of the Event’s need for a Venue


Every event doesn’t just happen overnight. Before you spend time looking for the right venue you must first understand the nature of the event enough to process what kind of venue is the one that you will need. True enough, the nature of the event varies in different cases.


If is it an outdoor venue, it has to be either in a garden or a beach, but will space suffice for the guests? If it’s a conference, you need to find a conference hall but is the one you found a reputable one? Understanding the nature of the event is as much important in order for the event to be a success.


Here are a few things you should ask yourself before you agree to any venue you come across:


  • Is the venue accessible to the guests and clients?
  • How much space for guests/audience does the event require?
  • Do we need an indoor or an outdoor venue?
  • Is it going to accommodate the entertainment and technical needs of the event?
  • How long is it going to take us to actually set up and take down equipment and setups?
  • Is there a back up to the venue in case of an outdoor event and bad weather?


Look for the most Suitable Location


After understanding what the needs of the event for a venue are, an Event Professional would then do the site visits. The answered guidelines would help you decide which locations to consider.


An Event Professional could easily come up with a list that answers most of the needs of the event for a venue instead of looking at all possible ones. It is not only a waste of energy but also, a waste of precious time. Having a lot of choices for a possible location is something that you should always keep in mind. However, having a lot of choices means a lot of ground to cover.


Trimming up your choices would leave you the ones that would most likely be the one you are looking for. And this is the purpose of looking for the most suitable location and making site visits. You could see the size of the venue real time. You could even start imagining how it would look like. Check out the facilities. The venue services and restrictions. The accessibility of the place. And most of all, the cost.


Make ends meet, Consult Your Budget


Let’s say, you finally have your final three candidates for a venue. Who will receive the crown?

The cost of a location is, sometimes, the winning attribute of all the current venues you are considering. This is the time to consult your allotted budget for the venue. Ask yourself the following:


  • How much does it cost?
  • Is it realistic for the allotted budget for the event?
  • Is it a reasonable price for the location?
  • Which one has a better offering for the same price?
  • Is it negotiable?


Once you have your answer, you would find yourself excited and pumped up to book a venue you deem perfect for the event.


Consider your clients’ Preferred Venue


Finally, present the recommended locations to your client for their approval. It is better to give the client a choice of which venue they would prefer to have the event to be held. Have time to ask and consider your client’s suggested venue, if there’s any. Be confident with yourself that you understand the client’s expectations of the event from the beginning and that you made the right call for the Perfect Venue.