Tips for Creating a Family-Friendly Corporate Event

Creating a family-friendly event is a smart business move that benefits everyone. Not only can parents attend without the worry and distraction of finding childcare, but these events also serve as a fun night out for some families. Family-friendly corporate events are also an excellent way to promote organisational values, such as inclusivity, work-life balance, and community. Not to mention, bringing families together for an event is a great deal of fun.

Here are a few helpful tips to help you create a family-friendly corporate event.


Start by Selecting the Right Venue


Ideally, a family-friendly venue should appeal to a wide range of interests and ages. Search for a venue which regularly hosts families and knows how to serve their needs. Be sure to consider their amenities, such as a spa, gym, pool or playroom. This will provide family members a chance to unwind and enjoy themselves during any downtime.  

Provide Childcare


If you plan on having a formal portion during your family-friendly event, be sure to include childcare. Offer child care services at your chosen venue to relieve parents of the pressure of finding reliable babysitters. This could range from hourly care to half-day or even full-day childcare service.

Create a designated kids’ zone where they can watch movies, play games, and engage in any other fun activities. This will allow parents the options to keep their children with them or leave them in the care of trained professionals.


Happy Stomachs – Happy Attendees


The menu can make or break your event. This is especially true when there’s a chance that children may have mealtime meltdowns. Be sure to include kid-friendly menu options whenever possible. Consider allowing your guests and their children to be involved in the preparation of their food through hands-on activities, such as pizza-making or pasta making classes.

You can enhance your dining experience with live cooking stations where the chef can interact with your attendees and their families. Regardless of what you feature on your menu, be sure to keep it fun, entertaining, and delicious!


Less Work – More Play


Remember that all work and no play make for a dull event. This is particularly true when you are hosting a family-friendly event. Be sure to keep work-related activities and employee meetings to a minimum during family-focused corporate events so employees have plenty of time to relax, socialize, or spend time with their family. While you want your employees to leave your corporate event with your intended message, you also want your attendees to have a great time and come back to future events.




Children need to be stimulated and entertained, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t stick to your budget. By getting creative, you can keep the whole family enthralled while keeping your younger attendees entertained.

Children have a lot of energy, so be sure to keep them moving. Sports activities are the perfect way to keep children and teens active during your corporate event. You can even get the entire family involved by organising a larger group activity, such as football.

Arts and crafts are great for family-friendly events. Consider adding creative workshops, art classes, or other hands-on activities to keep younger guests entertained. You can also never go wrong with balloons, face painting, dancing, live bands, and anything that bounces. Don’t forget the technology! Video games and virtual reality are sure to impress attendees of all ages.

When it comes time to plan your family-friendly corporate event, stick to these helpful tips and you’ll be well on your way to creating an event your employees and their families will talk about for years to come.

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