How to Leverage the Power of Social Media to Promote Your Event

You have placed a great deal of energy, funds, and attention to detail into your event. From the venue and entertainment to the guest list, all of your ducks are in a row. All that’s left is to promote your event.

Unfortunately, relying on the distribution of marketing materials, mailed invites and word-of-mouth will not guarantee the results of a successful event. Luckily, you can leverage the latest technologies and the power of social media to generate a buzz about your event online.

Here are a few of the top social media tactics to promote your next big event.

Facebook Basics

Tried and true, you simply can’t go wrong with Facebook. With over 650 million active users, Facebook is a resource you can’t afford to ignore. Facebook allows you to create an event online, invite guests, and to live stream your event.

Creating a Facebook event is a great way to gain exposure, manage engagement for your event, and to maintain attention. Additionally, most users on Facebook have their calendars synced to their mobile devices, which helps to keep them informed about your upcoming event.

Be sure to give your Facebook Event an informative and memorable name. Post, engage and update your audience with interactive and thought-provoking content to peek their interests about your upcoming event. Not only will this build a buzz around your event, but it will also ensure your potential guests are excited to attend and share your event details.

The Power of a Viral Video

You can’t underestimate the power of a video. In fact, video traffic is expected to drive an impressive 82% of the global internet by 2021. Employing video marketing into your event promotion strategy will help drive engagement for those guests who have already confirmed attendance, as well as create conversations and a buzz for possible attendees.

A great video offers a teaser of your event, to include sneak peeks at your exhibits and entertainment. When it comes time to create your video, you many want to:

  • Include testimonials from a range of different people who have attended your events in the past.
  • Keep it simple, and concentrate on making the video content engaging and exciting.
  • Film various aspects and areas of your venue and event.

Embrace the #Hashtag (#)

Hashtags are just as relevant (if not more relevant) today than they were a few years ago. Hashtags are easy to Tweet, share on Instagram and post on Facebook. Not to mention, they are the current language of social media and many other relevant online platforms.

The golden rules of hashtags:

  • Keep them memorable and short. Remember they are meant to be easy, and no one will tweak (or remember) along hashtag.
  • Don’t overthink it, and use keywords that directly relate to your event.
  • Keep it fun and make it stand out.
  • Once you settle on a hashtag, be sure to include it in all your marketing materials before, during, and after your event.

Tap Into the LinkedIn Community

With over 330 million active users, a huge community is connected on LinkedIn. It’s the ideal social platform for anyone looking to spread the word about their event, exhibition, and industry news.

This can be as simple as posting information about your event on your company LinkedIn page. Consider how your event will add value to your network and be sure to include eye-catching visuals and content for your viewers to peak their interest. Not to mention, reaching out to other industry professionals is an effective way to generate leads and entice potential guest speakers!


Offer a Sneak Peek

Granting your followers a “behind-the-scenes” look into the mysteries of your event production, or providing an exclusive look backstage is an excellent way to generate content leading up to, during, and even after your event. A behind the scenes look of your event will:

  • Humanize your organization.
  • Create enticing content to engage your followers.
  • Reveal how fun it is to work your organization

When done right, social media is an incredibly powerful tool to promote your business and your event. Whether ‘ are promoting a product launch, business conference, tradeshow or creative workshop for your employees, social media provides a limitless potential to promote your business and to measure the success of your event.

If you are interested in learning more about how to promote your next corporate event, contact the professionals at Mindtripp. We look forward to helping you create a memorable experience for your guests!