How to Improve Audience Engagement at Your Event

You’ve spent a great deal of your time preparing for your big event. You’ve found the perfect venue, planned your marketing strategy and prepared your guest list. Between checking emails and social media updates to sending text messages and taking pictures, there are so many distractions. With so many distractions, how do you keep your audience engaged during your event?


Audience engagement is an essential aspect to the success of your event. Essentially, if you can’t keep your audience engaged, there’s a good chance they’ll leave unimpressed. Not only will they not come back to future events, they will not have a positive experience to share with others.


So how can you enhance your audience engagement?


Create Great Content

You need to provide your audience with interesting content. Regardless of the apps or tech you choose, if you don’t have something compelling to say, you’ll lose the attention of your audience.


There is no one-size-fits-all formula to produce great content. The content you create will be different depending on each event. Start by thinking about your audience. What would they like to see and hear? What will hold their attention? Once you consider the answer to these questions, build your content around that.


Choose the Right Technology

With so many options to choose from, selecting the right technology to drive audience engagement can be overwhelming. Start narrowing down your options. Try not to be drawn in by trends or gimmicky features when comparing technology. Technology can be a hindrance or a benefit to audience engagement.


Focus on the purpose of the technology. What do you need it for? For example, if you need instant feedback from your audience to understand their opinions, then a live polling app would be a great option. Do you need sound technology to help with larger events? Perhaps you would benefit from recording equipment, allowing you to live stream your event online or to record for others to watch later.


Event Agenda and Speakers

A slick, focused and organized event agenda designed with your event goals is essential for the success of your event. In addition to great relevant content, your event should also feature engaging, inspiring speakers who can deliver your intended message.


Be sure to spend some time briefing your speakers before your event to ensure they’re prepared. Establish clear expectations for audience participation and familiarize your speaker with the technology you’ve chosen to use.


Live Polling and Q&A

There are several innovative tools designed to improve audience engagement through live polling and Q&A. You can improve audience engagement by leveraging these technologies to your advantage.


By using these tools, you can crowdsource questions and poll your audience, which will allow you to engage with your audience in real time. Live event surveys not only keep your audience engaged, but they are also essential for collecting data directly from your audience.


The Power of Social Media

Leverage the power of social media during your event to improve guest engagement. Consider sharing behind the scenes moments to give guests an insider experience. During your event, live tweet and offer sneak peek photos.


You can share speakers’ quotes on Facebook, photos of what’s happening at your event, or retweet your attendees who are using your event hashtag. All of these are great ways to enhance audience engagement by combining the forces of your content with social media.


Make it Fun

Gone are the days when attendees are willing to sit and watch presentation after presentation. If you really want to provide an enhanced audience experience, you need to make your event fun! Consider adding games or competitions to spice up the fun at your event.


  • Create a scavenger hunt that culminates with the final keynote speech.
  • Offer product training sessions using augmented or virtual reality.
  • Provide entertainment throughout the event (i.e. professional musicians, acrobats, etc.).


Regardless of the fun elements, you add to your event, participants will appreciate a break in the formal portion of the event.


So there you have it. If your audience is not engaged, your event is not working to its fullest potential. You want your audience to have a memorable experience at your event. More importantly, you want your guests to share their experience with others. While you may not be able to please everyone, measuring data and using these tips will place you on the right track to successfully engage your event audience.


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