Experiential Marketing – What you Need to Know

Companies from around the world are upping the ante when it comes to marketing. As consumers demand unique experiences, marketing campaigns are evolving beyond the traditional avenues of business cards and brochures. Experiential marketing campaigns create lasting impressions and foster greater relationships with clients.


Modern-day customers want to feel like they are a part of something special. Innovative technological advancements have provided marketeers with unique, entertaining and inspiring ways to promote products, services or a brand. By incorporating these new techniques, ideas and technologies into your marketing mix, you’ll increase your reach and brand recognition.


Here’s everything you need to know about experiential marketing and creating experiences your customers will remember.


What is Experiential Marketing?

Experiential marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on helping consumers to experience a brand. Traditional advertising, such as TV, print, and radio are efficient at communicating product benefits verbally and visually. However, experiential marketing immerses the customer in the product by creating and delivering a memorable experience. We like to refer to this as the Mindtripping Experience!


Far better than sending a message through a billboard or on a passing bus, immersing the consumer in an experience creates a personal connection with the brand. According to research, 70% of clients become regular customers after an experiential marketing event.


Launching an Experiential Marketing Event

There are many moving parts in an experiential marketing campaign. If you’re considering launching an experiential campaign for your next big event, consider the following:


  • Strategy – Creating a marketing plan is no simple task. Your strategy will help you decide how you can apply your budget to specific event marketing tactics to create a memorable experience, expand brand awareness, and increase sales.


  • Operations – Once you have a strategy in place, you must determine the role of each team member and how you’ll execute your experiential campaign. Be sure to staff your event appropriately — think about logistics. Will you need security or valet parking? What is your backup if need be in case of an outdoor venue, for example?


  • Budget – Knowing and sticking to the budget should be your principal concern for any new marketing campaign. It’s essential to understand the scope and size of all the work necessary to help you effectively and efficiently strategise.


  • Giveaways – Your promos are what will set your organisation apart from the competition. You should determine which incentives will best communicate your brand and message to your audience. Anything you can do to engage your customer in a meaningful manner will serve as a useful incentive. Think free tickets, celebrity meet-and-greet, prizes, free products. Dig deep to determine what will resonate with your target audience.


  • Promotional Incentives – When executing an experiential marketing strategy, you need to create a buzz around your event. Consider what sets your event apart from others? Whether it’s a fantastic prize, a celebrity appearance or a free dinner, there is always something that will attract a crowd.


  • Measuring – After your event is complete and your experiential marketing campaign is over, you need to measure the results to see how successful your campaign was. Start by analysing your initial goals. How many attendees, emails, media mentions and social media impressions did your event garner? Whether positive or negative, be sure to share your results with everyone on your team so they can use this information to prepare for your next event.


Experiential marketing is an excellent way to transform potential consumers into brand loyalists by creating hands-on, immersive, memorable experiences. Your organisation needs to stay at the forefront to ensure you get noticed.


If you’re planning to add experiential marketing to your integral marketing mix this year, we can help. When it comes to creating promotional concepts that push the envelope in terms of creativity and innovation, Mindtripp is the agency to turn to.


Be sure to check back next month to learn how you can use social media to enhance your experiential marketing plan.